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‘Talk Memory’ Review: BADBADNOTGOOD kick back into gear on latest album

Talk Memory, the fifth studio album from Toronto jazz trio BADBADNOTGOOD, phones home to many of the band’s influences and past greats in the genre such as Sun Ra and Charlie Parker. Very much an old-timer’s jazz album, the production…

‘Screen Violence’ Review: CHVRCHES deliver a poignant light at the end of the tunnel

‘Screen Violence’ explores a much more vulnerable side of CHVRCHES that pushes their synth-pop sound without foregoing their own signature.

From the Record Crate: J Dilla – ‘The Shining’ (2006)

The Shining’s main body of production consisted of J Dilla, Oxnard-born producer Madlib, and Detroit compatriot Kariem Riggins

‘Sling’ review: Clairo digs deep

Simultaneously opulent and warm, and featuring production from Jack Antonoff, ‘Sling’ is a placid walk around the lake with a more mature, epiphanic Clairo.

‘Pink Noise’ review: Laura Mvula goes supernova

Emerging with more vitality than ever after a messy breakup with her previous label, Laura Mvula’s first album under Atlantic, ‘Pink Noise’ tells a story of reinvention and jubilance amidst great personal hardship. Pink Noise’s first point of contact is…

‘Inside’ review: Mother Mother miss the mark

Among the slew of albums coming out around the pandemic, Mother Mother’s eighth studio album Inside brings some rather lukewarm sentiments to the table. Generally middle of the road instrumentation and some seriously lackluster songwriting from the Canadian indie rock…

‘Changephobia’ review: Rostam’s charm shines through on latest album

Nostalgia is a sensation as strong as any drug one could take, but it’s easy to miss out on your own growth if you’re only ever looking behind you. Oftentimes, our desire for the simpler days can lead to us…