Michaela Nardo
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Michaela is a 21-year old Buckeye, YA literature enthusiast, music snob, and English major. She usually sums up her feelings using Spotify playlists, celebrities’ tweets, and long-winded journal entries. If she had to describe herself using 3 TV characters she would answer: the feminism and general kindness of Lady Sybil, the sarcastic humor and nerdy-ness of Ben Wyatt, and Mindy Lahiri’s eye for style. And a dash of Landry Clarke for good measure. Contact her at michaela@theyoungfolks.com

Top 10 Songs About School

Whether you’re just starting high school or a college senior, there are some songs that follow you throughout your education. Maybe John Mayer’s “No Such Thing” was your senior class song (along with …