Neha Nandakumar
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Neha is a 21-year-old pop culture writer who has spent a better part of this year listening to Olivia Rodrigo. You can find her doing philosophy stuff at other times.

“(Un)Commentary” review: Learning to Grow Up with Alec Benjamin

Just like the day you first moved in, your family is in your dorm. Eight semesters worth of memories are packed up in boxes. Once you line them up at the door, there’s nothing more to do. You sit on…

“This Is What It Feels Like” Album Review: Pause. This one will make you sit with your emotions

22 year old pop artist, Gracie Abrams released her debut album This Is What It Feels Like this November 12th. When the first song, “Feels Like”, was first released, the song almost felt like a happy ending. Gracie Abrams writes…

From the Record Crate: One Direction – “Up All Night” (2011)

I listen to Up All Night, and I’m transported right back to 2011. The band members have, over the years, diverged into different directions, but their early albums immortalize One Direction. Up All Night is a time capsule that turns…

“Juno” Album Review: Remi Wolf’s debut album is unpredictable and vibrant

Remi Wolf’s debut album is an explosion of color, and I don’t just mean the music videos. Listening to Juno is like being in an arcade room, jumping excitedly from one machine to another, simply having to try them all.…

“22 Break” Album Review: Oh Wonder’s new album is intimate and vulnerable

The latest Oh Wonder album, ’22 Break’ is a break-up album written with the person you’re breaking up with.

From the Record Crate: Avril Lavigne – “Let Go” (2002)

We take a look back at Avril Lavigne debut album ‘Let Go,’ which mixed relatable teen subject matter with authentic feelings and songwriting