Tyler Christian
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Tyler Christian is a 23 year old graduate of UC Irvine with a BA in Film & Media Studies. After viewing a double feature of Pulp Fiction and Scarface in his early teens, film became his biggest passion. His ventures include making several appearances on The Rotten Tomatoes Show, doing movie reviews on Youtube under the account “CaliCriticReviews,” and editing the Arts & Entertainment section of his college newspaper for two years. In addition to writing, he regularly does video editing and photography on a freelance basis. Also if you ever happen to meet him in person, prepare in advance for the onslaught of sarcasm and bad puns.

Movie Review: Sleepless

January, we meet again. The cornerstone of shelved projects and blatant mediocrity weighs its presence every year for movies that release throughout the aforementioned month. When you put the awards c…