Miami Screening: PITCH PERFECT 2 at AMC Sunset Place on 05/12!

  • Andy E.

    The Riff Off mix is still my favorite thing ever! I remember being in the theater and freaking out. So many good songs mixed into one thing. :)

  • Jessica Ramirez

    I love the songs in the finals. I have them on my playlist and I hear them all the time. My daughter loves it as well and she dances to it.

  • jess

    I love the party in the U.S.A song

  • Ana Pimentel

    I really liked the Riff off! Excited to see how they do this time!

  • Christina

    My favorite cover from Pitch Perfect was Anna Kendrick’s “Cups”!

  • Satin Dents

    No Diggity was my favorite song from Pitch Perfect. It was great to see a different spin on it.

  • Fabby Valencia

    My favorite song is cups!!

  • Ron

    The mash up of songs the Bellas sang in the finals.

  • Andrea

    I love every single song and it’s hard to pick just one, but no diggity takes the cake.

  • Ashley R.

    My favorite is all the songs from the riff off from the first movie :)

  • Lily Miranda

    I still love their final performance at the competition. I work out to that mash up.

  • Emmanuel Aviles

    I liked the final performance of the Treblemakers. I thought it was cool.

  • KV ♡

    I love the “No Diggity” song they cover in the first movie. I would love to see them cover any Sam smith or Ed Sheeran song or Hideaway by Kiesza. Excited for Pitch Perfect 2

  • Jarvon Davis

    I love the Anna Kendricks song and performance of ‘cups’

  • Mario borroto

    I think it would be super funny if they did many men by 50 cent!

  • Dulceangel24

    My favorite is When I am Gone!

  • Pilar Vasallo

    I loved the Bellas finals competition songs. Can’t wit to see Pitch Perfect 2!

  • Chloe Tamargo

    I love it when they’re battling in the empty pool and the girls start sing No diggity. Like that’s my jam! And I remember singing alone in the theaters. This movie is awesome!

  • Jannell

    Price Tag/ Don’t you/Just the way you are/ Give me everything mash up

  • Virginia

    love the Carry on my wayward Son.

  • mike perez

    No diggity

  • ana

    Dont stop the music

  • Ana Nardo

    The Bella Finals!!

  • Haydee

    I loved the Price Tag/ Don’t you/Just the way you are/ Give me everything mash up.

  • Clarissa Jiminian

    When I’m gone / the cup song!! From the first pitch perfect

  • Janet E

    since youve been gone

  • Rita Y

    Party in the USA

  • Mellobeth

    No Diggity is my favorite

  • Xiomara Ingles

    I heard the trailer with fantastic baby by Big Bang. While a korean song it would be cool to see a take on that.

  • courtnie vargas

    NO DIGGITIY!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Betty Cowan Ferra

    Price Tag

  • Maria B

    I’ve got the magic in me. From the first movie.

  • Jess Fuentes

    Bella’s final song was my favorite

  • djrick1

    “No diggity” was the best! It would be cool if they covered “Holy grail.”

  • Marcia Collado

    TITANIUM … That’s my jam, my LADY jam!

  • Yefry E Perez

    Usher – I don’t mind

  • Luís Martins


  • Amanda Estrada

    I loved No Diggity

  • Grace

    No Diggity was my favorite!

  • Noreen

    Titanium !

  • Dani Alviz

    Definitely no dignity!

  • Kasy P

    All of them but price tag was my fav

  • Marcelene Lee

    I liked all the songs played especially, Titanium!