What next for Ghostbusters?

  • Roger Lee

    The reboot definitely wasn’t the worst movie ever made, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it was good either. The story had a lot of inconsistencies and plot holes, as well as a very weak villain who never seemed to pose a legitimate threat to our heroes. Even after powering up into a giant monster, the only thing he does is walk away from the battle instead of facing the heroes. As such, the film never really seemed to develop any sort of tension, or a feeling of danger for our heroes.

    There were also issues with the acting and jokes, as certain scenes are great and well delivered, while others fall flat. Personally, I think that Paul Feig was the wrong choice as director for this film, as his style of story telling just didn’t fit with the tone established by the original film, which is considered a classic. Unfortunately, I got more of a Ghostbusters II vibe from this movie, only toned down even further, which isn’t a good thing… I really want to see the Ghostbusters franchise develop further, and hopefully these new projects will get the series back on track, but I really hope that Feig isn’t at the helm of any of them.

    • Dark Helmet

      It had a script?! There was so much deleted content and add-libbing on the DVD that it would be hard to believe. McCarthy looked like she was making up half her lines 3/4 of the film.This franchise needs a new director & writer, his last 2 films had the main baddie get shot in the balls for a defeat. Feig gets distracted with twitter trolls and alienates the fan base while doing so.

      Bring back the cast from the reboot and let them meet the originals in some kind of inter-dimensional cross-rip. Leave the bad writing and directing (if you even call Feig letting his actors do what they want even directing) in the past.

  • bromes1235

    FYI: It’s ok to be a liberal feminist and still admit that 2016 Ghostbusters sucked..

    The entire movie had exactly one positive feature… a breakout performance from Kate McKinnlon

  • Mike

    Another article that is walking on egg shells, being coy that the film flopped. Yes it got some good reviews. But they weren’t authentic. It was people trying too hard to be open minded for fear of being lynched for being objective. And the film finanically lost 70 million for Sony.

  • Alex Mangie

    I think you are throwing around the term “pretty good film” loosely. All they had to do was listen to the fans–a full length Real Ghostbusters movie would have fared a lot better than that 2016 travesty.

  • It wasn’t a good film. Sony knew it wasn’t good either from the emails leaked. They needed more time on the script, but it was rushed due to scheduling already in place.

  • dustin

    If the guy who directed the Baywatch movie tries to remake Ghostbusters I will dedicate the rest of my life to bashing his work.