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Mila Kunis & Kate McKinnon team up in THE SPY WHO DUMPED ME trailer

Team up Mila Kunis with the hilarious Kate McKinnon in an action comedy also starring the dreamy Justin Theroux (The Leftovers) and dreamier Sam Heughan (Outlander) and you have me (and probably the entire Outlander fandom) sold.

The Spy Who Dumped Me follows two best friends, played by Kunis and McKinnon, who find themselves in the middle of an international conspiracy after they learn that an ex-boyfriend (Theroux) is a spy who is being hunted by a group of assassins. They unexpectedly get into the action, teaming up with a British agent (Heughan), to save themselves and others.

Watch the new teaser above and let us know if you’re also excited for The Spy Who Dumped Me – out in theaters August 3, 2018!