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‘Hunter Killer’ Wages Submerged War in First Trailer

“Sir, we’ve got a shootout under the ice.”

That assessment is valid — when you’re talking about submarines. Military submarines. One of them will be the centerpiece of Lionsgate’s forthcoming underwater action-thriller from the producers of Fast & Furious and Olympus Has Fallen. No wonder why Secret Service Agent Mike Banning is here!

A coup has occurred, but it’s not POTUS who needs rescuing. After going rogue, the Russian defense minister has kidnapped his president and is setting World War III in motion. Knowing that it won’t be a cold event, U.S. Commander Brad Crawford (Gary Oldman) assigns the USS Omaha, captained by Joe Glass (Gerard Butler), to carry out a rescue mission that will have friends and foes breaking icebergs and each other’s submersibles to smithereens.

Common, Linda Cardellini and Toby Stephens round out the film’s cast.

An adaptation of the Don Keith and George Wallace 2012 novel Firing Point, Hunter Killer has seen gone through many directors, all of them with experience in the genre, including Salt’s Phillip Noyce (per Moviehole), Taken’s Pierre Morel (per Empire), Antoine Fuqua (per /Film) and McG (per Variety). Currently at the helm is Donovan Marsh, the South African director whose last feature Avenged — or iNumber Number — won three SAFTA Golden Horns and graced TIFF, Cannes.

The film is also one of the last appearances of Swedish actor Michael Nyqvist, known for roles in the original Dragon Tattoo trilogy, John Wick and the fourth Mission: Impossible. He passed away last June.

Hunter Killer blips into theaters Oct. 26 (ooh, Red October says hello!). For more on the film and an eventual review, stay with The Young Folks.