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‘Roma’ is an unforgettable cinematic experience, but for now here’s the trailer

Before we go any further, let’s clear up some misconception. First off, despite the name Roma, this film does not take place in Italy. It takes place in Mexico during the 1970’s, so that foreign tongue you’re hearing is Spanish. This film is meant as a reflective look back into the past of writer/ director Alfonso Cuarón, so it stands to reason that even the title of the film needs some reflection. Reflected back at us, the title spells “amor”, which is Spanish for “love”.

Just looking through the first trailer for the film, it is impossible to grasp the full emotional magnitude of it. Having already seen the film, I can tell you that although the film lacks color, it still has a gorgeous display of the full spectrum of human emotion. It’s subtle, nuanced, and can wordlessly convey every thought and feeling. The film features first-time actress Yalitza Aparicio, who delivers a performance worthy of every acting accolade available.

I know what you’re thinking, another uncurated Netflix film that they are releasing just to have content, but this one is different. This film is one that you should actually seek out outside of the Netflix platform and watch in an actual movie theater. The film starts rolling out theatrically on November 21st, so make sure you watch it when it comes to your town. Or you can wait to experience Roma on December 14th on Netflix. For now, just continue playing the trailer on loop and let it’s majesty wash over you until you can watch the entire thing.