Enter to Win: Boston Screening Passes to Marvel’s ‘Ant-Man’

  • Buddy Guy

    Paul Rudd’s most iconic role? His star-making performance as Tommy Doyle in Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers. Hands down.

  • JasonofBoston

    Anytime Rudd is on Conan and shows the click from Mac & Me gets me everytime

    • Latoya Doyle

      So funny

  • Jesse Waites

    It’s already Ant-Man. The trailer looks awesome.

  • Steve

    Obviously Brian Fantana!

  • Jeremy Hefter

    I actually think its Josh from Clueless- a classic!!!

  • KP

    40-Year Old Virgin ftw!

  • Brian Fantana from Anchorman!

  • Latoya Doyle

    Brian Fantana -Anchorman

  • Pei-i

    Pete from This is 40!

  • O.T.O

    Role Models – Danny Donahue

  • Bobby Palermo

    Pete in 40 year old virgin

  • Kelly Percy


  • Dana Smith

    John in Admission

  • Ann

    Brian Fantana from Anchorman

  • Terry Lee

    Forgetting Sarah Marshall

  • Carl Phillips

    Our Idiot Brother

  • Wendall Baynes

    How Do You Know
    George Madison

  • Tan Tran

    Brian Fantana is Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy

  • Lisa Cisneros

    Ned in Our Idiot Brother

  • sliccy

    Wet hot American summer!!

  • Rich Leung

    He was FUNNY as the surfer trainer in “Forgetting Sarah Marshall”!

  • Peter

    I thought Paul Rudd was amazing as Peter Klaven in “I Love You, Man”!

  • Pete N.

    I really loved Paul Rudd as Danny in Role Models!

  • Mike Vennart

    Too early to say Scott Lang but so far it’s Bobby Newport in Parks and Recreation!

  • Ronald Bajandas

    Brian in Anchorman

  • Tiffany Tran

    Pete from 40 Year Old Virgin!!

  • Julio Vallejo

    I liked him best as Brian Fantana in Anchorman

  • William

    Definitely loved him as Brian Fantana in Anchorman

  • Tommy Wilson

    Paul Rudd as Brian in Anchorman for sure

  • Noo Bun

    Paul Rudd as Brian Fantana in Anchorman!! :D

  • Ray Johnson

    Every Paul Rudd film is my favorite no favorite as of yet, hoping for
    ANTMAN to be the one!

  • Jake Feigenbaum

    Mike in Friends definitely!

  • S Kearney

    His Celery Man bit on Tim & Eric is great.

  • Chris Noiles

    One of my favorites was Adam from “I Could Never Be Your Woman”

  • Tommy Lee You

    Clueless best movies with Paul rudd

  • Mike Gonsalves

    Slappin da bass in I Love You Man!

  • Andrew

    I’m a huge Friends (and general sitcom) fan, so I’d have to say Mike Hannigan on Friends! He was the *spoiler* perfect match for Phoebe. His role as Bobby Newport on Parks and Recreation was pretty darn great, too.

  • Michael

    Brian Fantana from Anchorman.

  • odnotor

    Mr. Anderson in The Perks of Being a Wallflower!

  • Yusuf Nasrullah

    OBJECT OF MY AFFECTION, MY IDIOT BROTHER, THIS IS 40 – spectrum of drama, comedy, farce! :)

  • Carlos Fong

    I liked him in the Cider House Rules.

  • Tommy Wilson

    His role as Bobby Newport in Parks and Recreations was a good one!

  • adelina

    Ad R.

  • pat

    friends and now watching the trailer ANT-MAN

  • Elifine

    Paul Rudd in Wet Hot American Summer is the best Paul Rudd.

  • Karly Forland

    I am a big fan of him when he was in Halloween as a grown up Tommy Doyle. He was still relatively unknown

  • Carlos

    Definitely 200 Cigarettes. He was great in that.

  • Steve T

    My favorite Paul Rudd role is Peter in “I Love You Man.” I can relate to not having many male friends.

  • D’Angelo Doyle

    Pete in Knocked up

  • Lis Ssa

    I really liked him on friends as Mike and Clueless he was great too!

  • Stephanie

    Definitely in clueless

  • stokedabtit

    Josh from Clueless!

  • He was hilarious in Forgetting Sarah Marshal

  • Caroline

    Definitely Clueless!

  • Kate Holzapfel

    Josh from Clueless

  • Phil W

    My favorite is Bobby Newport in Parks and Recreation

  • Kym Nicolosi

    Loved him in Friends!! So adorable…

  • Kayleigh Burgos

    Josh from Clueless <3

  • Christian Masters

    Definitely Paul Rudd in Role Models. Perfect chemistry with Sean William Scott and McLovin!

  • Dillon Lockwood

    His best role is definitely the stoner surfer in forgetting Sarah marshall

    • Dillon Lockwood

      Oh, and my idiot brother. For sharks.

  • Ian Fay

    If I can’t pick Mac & Me (see the bit he does with Conan if you don’t know what I mean…) it’s definitely Brian Fontana from Anchorman.

  • Mike Brown

    My favorite Paul Rudd film so far was I Love You, Man mostly because I related to it so much hahaha

  • Purvang Mehta

    My favorite is Josh from Clueless.

  • Maurice G

    It would have to be Knocked Up!!!

  • Dan Kiernan

    Peter from I love you, man

  • Jake Baranski

    Paul Rudd in the trailer for the new Wet Hot American Summer Netlifx show.

  • Andy

    Clueless , yes

  • QB

    Knocked up

  • Steven H Kung

    Pete in Knocked Up!!

  • Bill F

    Role models… The best!!

  • weetiger3

    John Pressman in Admission

  • Jeffrey Bailey

    Easily his hilarious character in Role Models! Freaking hysterical.

  • Hitch’s Ghost

    Brian Fantana from Anchorman

    “It’s made with bits of real panther.”

  • Julia

    I think I’ve gotta go with Peter from I Love You, Man. :)

  • Joao Neto

    David in The 40-Year-Old Virgin.

  • Charlie

    Friends playing a keyboard that wasn’t there

  • Daniel

    David in The 40-Year-Old Virgin.

  • Ben Dover

    I liked him in Knocked Up as Pete.

  • Rathanak Pres

    Role Models is a constant knee slapper!

  • marisol vega

    Love him in Cluless

  • Katie

    Josh from clueless!

  • SJ

    Pete, from This is 40.

  • Laura

    Charming Josh from Clueless!

  • Pamela Tsui

    I Love You, Man

  • Billy Blue

    Clueless of course!

  • VinQuinn55

    Wet Hot American Summer

  • Doug Ely

    Definitely the role he played of Ned Rochlin in Our Idiot Brother.

  • Tuan Nguyen

    It’s Mike Hannigan in Friends !!! :)

  • Kim Soo-Jung

    I’m gonna have to say his role in Wet Hot American Summer, though I thought he was funny in Knocked Up. :)

  • Robyn

    Paul Rudd’s best role was Clueless!

  • Arnold Ng

    Brian Fantana in Anchorman

  • Jonathan Ross

    Brian Fantana in Anchorman:The Legend of Ron Burgundy

  • Amy

    his painfully awkward character Peter from I Love You, Man. although his part in Forgetting Sarah Marshall always makes me laugh too

  • sandra kelly

    Brian Fantana in Anchorman

  • Irene Spiegel

    Loved him the role of the father in Infinitely Polar Bear. He played the loving father suffering because he was bipolar. Amazing!

  • Rosalyn Spiegel

    Definitely “The Object of My Affection with Jennifer Anniston.

  • Carole Fiore

    Clueless without a doubt

  • Sandra Pfeil

    Knock up was good

  • Gloria Akuamoah

    Paul Rudd role as
    the charming Josh from Clueless

  • Kiara Velasquez

    “60% of the time, it works every time.” Definitely Brian Fontana in Anchorman.

  • Alexandra Dos Santos

    I love you man

  • brassbuck

    Clueless is tops.

  • Brandy Hennessey

    200 Cigarettes, such an underrated film!

  • Daniel Wilson

    His guest appearances on The Daily Show. His rapport with Jon Stewart is funny, natural and sincere.

  • j mahoney

    Wet Hot American Summer takes the cake.

  • M Fan

    Anchorman was the best.

  • Maria Pizarro


  • Christopher Pizarro


  • Jose Rivera


  • Mick

    Kunu in Forgetting Sarah Marshall

  • Merlo Jiminy D Philiossaint

    I have enjoyed him in Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy

  • Colin Mac

    Danny Donahue in Role Models

  • Lily

    Loved him in Clueless (and Friends)!!!

  • David Robertson


  • Bill Papoulias

    Brian Fantana, a.k.a the bry man and his little friend “The Octagon”

  • TD

    Ned from Our Idiot Brother. Such a sweet caring stoner :)

  • kr


  • Rich

    Josh from Clueless is the one i liked most

  • dstreur

    gotta go with Paul Rudd in Wet Hot American Summer.

  • Dtrpt

    Him as Peter Klaven in I love you man

  • Matt

    He’s great in every thing. Especially Our idiot Brother, which has been forgotten about.

  • Merlo Jiminy D Philiossaint

    I have enjoyed him in Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy. *Used a outdated email so reposting my comment.

  • Abela Nazario

    Your site wouldn’t let me post on the 10th….am so unhappy not getting a chance…but my favorite was in Anchorman.

  • Maxwell Kagan

    Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy as Brian Fantana

  • todd skidds


  • todd skidds

    it wouldnt let me on till today please fix :(

  • todd skidds

    might have to switch to admission

  • Zachary Morawiec

    Definately….abosolutely…most likely….ANCHORMAN!!!

  • Annelie

    hard choice he is good in a lot of movies. i think my favorite is I love you, Man

  • Edward Boyd

    He was perfect as Danny in Role Models, the KISS gear scene was outstanding…(with an honorable mention to the celibacy seeking David of 40 Year Old Virgin)

  • Jessica

    Pretty sure Scott Lang is going to be my fav after this.

  • Briana Weisgerber

    Definitely I love you man!