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New Miley Cyrus Song: Watch the “Malibu” Music Video

Miley Cyrus is back, ready to move forward with a new phase in her pop music career.

Today, Cyrus debuted “Malibu,” a breezy new single from her upcoming untitled album. A total shift from Bangerz and Dead Petz, the song, accompanied with a sunny music video, is a harmless track, missing the spark we used to with Miley’s best hits. In a Billboard cover story last week, Cyrus said she was going to make a return to her country roots, but you don’t feel that here with “Malibu.” Maybe it’s my general frustration with today’s beyond bland pop hits that I expected something edgier from Cyrus.

The song centered around her relationship with actor Liam Hemsworth is at the very least an indicator of something interesting to come. Let’s just hope that by returning to her roots, Miley Cyrus doesn’t blend in with the rest.