From The Record Crate: The Allman Brothers Band – “At Fillmore East”

  • Brad Easley

    “There’s never a moment where Johanson and Betts are out of sync, like they’re rolling their sticks on the drums together like the motor in a Dodge Challenger.” Trucks, not Betts.

    • jbalcerzak

      Correct – I saw that too!

      • Hi! i’m the music editor for the site and I just fixed that error. Thanks for spotting it!

  • Tim

    Good article, but Dickey Betts didn’t play slide guitar yet by the time of that album and there are no slide guitars on Elizabeth Reed or Whipping Post.

    But you are spot on – this was a special time in rock and roll, and for a brief period the Allman Brothers were our country’s most important rock band.

    • Hi Tim! I’m the music editor for the site. I removed the reference to Betts playing slide guitar from the article. Thanks for spotting it.