News: Nick Jonas Releases Single, “Jealous”

Since Nick Jonas was the musical and creative director for Demi Lovato’s Neon Lights Tour, it was just about the time we finally heard his own material. The guy is talented; there is no doubt about it. Ever since he had a solo album pre-Jonas Brothers and then teamed up with his brothers to form one of my favorite boy bands–The Jonas Brothers–we all got excited to hear that he was not leaving the music scene.

Now, radio stations have been blowing Nick’s new song up, and I know all of us Jonas Brothers fangirls will be in love with it. Nick Jonas recently released his second single from his self-titled album, called “Jealous”, inspired by his current relationship with Olivia Culpo.

During an MTV interview, Nick Jonas said the song was inspired by a night out at a bar with his girlfriend. They were together, and this guy kept eyeing her, which caused Nick to immediately become jealous. He says that since he felt such strong emotions immediately, there was a song there, and we all know that strong emotions bring out great songs. Even though the track wants to make you want to dance, Nick becomes vulnerable and really opens up to his fans in this new single. I can definitely sense his passion for his girlfriend and their relationship when I listen to the song, and who doesn’t find it a little bit sexy when a guy gets a little bit jealous?

This funk/pop sound is a good direction for this very talented artist, and I am excited for the album to come out on November 11. But if you are like me and can’t wait to hear more of his new music, then I suggest grabbing tickets and seeing him live! He will be touring and may be going to a city near you! I will be going to his San Francisco show, so be sure to stay tuned to The Young Folks for my review of his concert which will be published later this month!