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News: Rixton Releases New Music Video for “Wait on Me”

The heartthrobs are back at it again! Rixton released a new music video for the single “Wait on Me” yesterday on its Vevo YouTube page. This live video showcases the band during one of its performances of “Wait on Me” at Los Angeles’ El Rey Theatre, which was Rixton’s last stop for the U.S. Broken Heart Tour. They have proven that they are a force to be reckoned with. Their hit single, “Me and My Broken Heart,” continues to play across the country, their music videos have reached millions of views, and their EP is now platinum. They also got to play on shows such as The Voice, Ellen, and many others. It only seems fitting that Rixton releases a new music video as we wait for their debut album to release.

From the many interviews I watched, the boys explained that the song, “Wait on Me,” was a bit sexier than the past songs they have released and that it is! This sexy, upbeat song will get you up on your feet and dancing. So, for all you fans who are having Rixton withdrawals, rest assured that this live music video will help you re-live the crazy energy and excitement that stemmed from that night.

Until their debut album is out, guess it’s just going to be “Me and My Broken Heart.”