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‘WandaVision’ 1×7 review: “Breaking the Fourth Wall”

The next sitcom era that WandaVision takes on is the 2010s. There are numerous instances of fourth wall breaks that are very similar to a show like Modern Family. Even the commercial, which every episode has at least one of, mirrors the standard medical ads that many networks insert into their commercial breaks. This all leads nicely into the overused trope of a Mom being too tired to be around her children. 

This latest installment of WandaVision starts off with Wanda sending her children off with Agnes. As Agnes takes Billy and Tommy, Wanda tries to settle down, but she notices that there’s something strange going on. Random objects in the kitchen and living room are changing form, looking as if they’re going back in time. 

As Wanda tries to go about her day, Vision finds himself in the company of a circus. In the last episode, Wanda expanded the barrier of the hex to save Vision’s life, covering almost every member of S.W.O.R.D.. Here, he finds Darcy and they make their way out of the circus and go to Wanda. 

Throughout all this, Jimmy and Monica prepare to send Monica into the hex. They find that the rover that Monica needs is ready. She suits up to go into the hex, but it doesn’t go completely as planned. As she drives the rover into the hex, the hex starts to rewrite the rover and Monica has to fall back. Because of this setback, Monica takes matters into her own hands by running directly at the hex. Once she gets on the other side, she has to go to Wanda where she’s very unwelcome.

This all comes a tipping point, with Monica discovering that the hex affected her in some way. Agnes then stops Wanda and brings her into her house. Nothing seems out of the ordinary until Wanda asks where her kids are. This is where Wanda finds out who Agnes really is.

Up until now, all of the cliffhanger endings seemed like nothing more than fuel for the plot to keep going, but not here. Agnes’ reveal as Agatha Harkness shakes up the entire foundation of WandaVision. It’s shown that Agatha has been behind almost every mishap in the show. From the magic show in episode two, to Pietro, to being the interview in this very episode; she’s been behind it all. Right now, it’s not known what her end goal is, but it will be very interesting to see what her motives are in future episodes of WandaVision