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‘WandaVision’ 1×9 review: “The Series Finale”

After eight episodes of WandaVision, the finale is finally here. In this last episode of WandaVision, almost every plotline is tied up, with new story beats being brought in toward the end. Everything from Wanda’s destiny, to the Vision clone, are given their own time to shine as the series wraps up. 

“The Series Finale” picks up with Wanda’s kids being in the same predicaments that the last episode left off of. Agitha’s true intentions are revealed as she tries to absorb Wanda’s power. To make matters worse, the Vision clone, shown at the very end of “Previously On,” has joined the fight, but is quickly occupied when Vision saves Wanda. Monica tries to intervene in the fight, but she’s in the custody of the fake Pietro, so she can’t join in.

The fight between Wanda and Agatha eventually leads them to the middle of Westview where Agatha sets the townspeople’s minds free so they’d attack Wanda. To combat this, Wanda breaks open the hex to free townspeople, unknowingly letting Hayward and the other S.W.O.R.D. personnel in. She has to close the hex, however, since Vision and her children would cease to exist if the hex was destroyed. 

Both Wanda and Vision’s fights later conclude through non-violent means. For Wanda, she uses the ruins spell so Agatha can’t use her own magic. She then traps her mind in the character of Agnes. As for Vision, his fight ends with him restoring the memories of the Vision clone.

Still though, by the end of the episode, Wanda has to give up the life she had in Westview. This heartbreaking goodbye is acted out perfectly. Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany’s skills are tested. Their performances are essential in making this WandaVision work in the first place, and they deliver. 

This entire series is built on the grief that Wanda holds because of Vision. Before this, Wanda had a little character development, but now she’s one of the most well-rounded characters in the current MCU lineup. There are going to be a lot more Marvel Studios projects coming soon, and WandaVision works well at reintroducing audiences to this new phase of Marvel. What this series does best is it shows that Marvel is trying to do new things with its world and characters. Overall, WandaVision is an interesting take on Wanda’s character and shows what the Marvel team can accomplish when setting outside the box.