Ashley’s Movie Review: Now You See Me

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  • harvey

    "Every single actor gave wonderful performances." Don't you mean "Every actor gave a wonderful performance?" Note that every single is redundant. Also "as if the entire theater WERE transformed…" Use the subjective on an "if" sentence. Further you say "a bit" twice and "a little" once. Why only "a bit?" "…seem to be complete opposites." I think you mean "…seem to be opposites." Either you're opposite or you are not.
    "very very wrong." How about instead "wrong." Watch these adjectives and adverbs.

    • Hoop

      Are you kidding me?
      You really wasted time to try to pick at all the small wording "errors". This is a movie review, not a thesis.

      • You're very welcome, Ashley. One difference between a professional writer and a merely defensive one is that a defensive writer will attack the corrections instead of learning from them. If you disagree with the corrections, I'd like to hear your response. After all, if you had an editor, you wouldn't challenge his input, would you? I've spent many "wasted" times aiding people in their writing and rarely do they get uptight and complain about the time I've taken with them. Maybe a movie review is not a thesis, but whatever you're reviewing, remember the adage "The definition of writing is re-writing." You're a good writer, Hoop. I learned from your review prior to seeing the movie, but I'm sure you heard the expression by readers "Hey, it's only a movie…why are you trashing it?" In the same regard, all writing, whether on a gum wrapper or a dissertation should attempt to be free of redundancies, typos, and incorrect agreement of nouns and modifiers. That's if you want your words to be considered professional. -Harvey

        • Cameron

          Dear Harvey,
          You’re a douche

    • In your comment Further should have a comma after it. Just saying

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  • sanah

    I really want to watch this. Great review :)