Book Review: Just One Year by Gayle Forman

  • I am both beyond excited and yet deeply terrified to read this book. I feel like I need the closure and a more definite ending to Allyson and Willem's story. –Either they go their separate ways (but with answers), or they're relationship finally begins!– As a huge HEA buff I'm so afraid of what the answer will be though. Still, Just One Day was such an amazing story that I know I'll be up at midnight come release day just to buy it. So, thank you for such a wonderful review! You've given me just enough to hold myself over until October. :)

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  • Cassandra E

    Super excited for the release. I have the date marked on my calendar I can't wait!

  • Penelope Chan

    This book has me in nerves. Since the book is about Willem's year, I'm so afraid that JOY is going to end where JOD ended.

  • Flo Mac

    "They become who they need to be for each other."
    I love that line btw. One of the reasons I loved Just One Day so much was because while it was romantic, it also focused a lot on self discovery.

  • Clara Song

    Cannot wait till it comes out. I've been reading a lot of the early reviews for JOY and they sound great. It's getting really great ratings.

  • Katie K

    I added this and Just One Day to by tbr list. Awesome review :)

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