Five Things We Want to see in Teen Wolf Season 5B

  • kate277

    I find myself agreeing totally with all of your points (and the fact they are reverting to boy resolution issues in the first episode back makes me think they reconsidered their Scott/Stiles thing).

    But, I mean, they could have resolved this in a way that totally did something similar but that melded with the story lines. Like, as would be Stiles usual move, freak out and call Scott after Donovan. By the time Scott gets there, Donovan’s body is gone. Like with the Nogitsune, Scott believes Stiles, but is actually more worried about Stiles. Like that some issues from the Nogitsune time are raising their head again. Theo has figured a bit of this out and feeds into the concern about Stiles. This leads Scott with every intention of helping Stiles to the Sheriff and the two of them might consider that while the Nogitsune tricked them before, they never actually got an MRI of Stiles’ head. It could have landed Stiles back in Eichen house and thereby link him and Lydia up so her storyline isn’t disconnected. It would still be isolating Scott though, which was, I guess the point, but do it out of legitimate concern about Stiles and not just believing Theo.

    • Mars

      U have a really good theory I tried to think of many but the one u said is really good about Eichen house