TV Review: ‘Jane the Virgin’ Chapter Twenty

  • alliebee

    I’m surprised you didn’t mention the scene where Jane breaks down in front of her grandmother about being a single mother and having to learn to do things on her own, no matter how much support she gets from her mom and abuela. That was one of the most powerfully acted scenes I’ve seen on this show, it had me tearing up for Jane; and was further proof (not that any was needed) of how much Gina Rodriguez really did earn that deserve her golden globe.

    • MeriMakr8298

      That is a glaring oversight. I was screaming at the tv when she started up and by the end I was crying AND screaming. How could you blot that out?

      • You’re totally right. For some reason, I thought I touched base on that in this review, but clearly, I didn’t. But I agree with both comments. That was one of the series’ most powerful and emotional scenes.