Jon’s Movie Review: ‘Ridiculous 6’

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  • Indigenius Ideas Jennie S

    This film is sits on the shelf with “Birth of a Nation”. This is a film that doesn’t belong near my family. Hitler and Woodrow Wilson would love it. 

    Anyone who thinks that Natives walking off a movie set is not a HUGE DEAL can’t grasp that the amount of movie roles for Native Americans would only fill a sewing thimble. They  can’t grasp that 99% of the roles for Natives in Hollywood are demeaning and are less than 1% of all movie roles. They can’t grasp that most Americans  can’t  even name a Native actor or actress…and NO a white person acting in a Native role-aka  Redface is NOT a Native actor.

     I was angry and offended by the script content that was released in Native media sources–yes Virginia there is an Indian Country in the US and we have our own media outlets!

     Unlike every other American family telling their kids that they can “be anything they want to be when they grow up”, I tell my Cherokee-American kids that they can never be actors. Fellow Americans think about that before brushing off this post or the  detrimental effects of Ridiculous 6 lightly   …