Jon’s Movie Review: “San Andreas” Has More Faults Than Fault Lines

  • DrFootball

    This movie had me laughing from the very first scene where the girl survives relatively unscathed as her car goes tumbling down a 300 foot cliff. The ridiculous situations the Rock is faced with was sheer comedy. The girl that portrays the daughter ‘heading off to college’ is also a joke. She’s 29 in real life w a nice set of bolt ones, something you would not see on most 18 year olds. Totally miscast. There was some mention at the beginning of the movie about a volleyball tournament, but next thing you know, she’s being flown from LA to San Francisco! LOL. The rock is an aviation genius in this one too as he easily is able to pilot any type of aircraft, lol. This was $12.50 wasted, save your $ people.

    • nimbo13

      You review was far better than the one on this page.

      • DrFootball

        I like to be entertained, but when I watch a movie that insults even an average intelligence viewer by breaking all laws of science in almost every scene, I have to say something. The only reason this movie made any money is because they were fortunate enough to roll it out when it was the only new release for the weekend, the only other movies playing were old, tired, bad movies.

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