Movie Review – ‘Tangerine’

  • erica

    Agreed, that scene was nice. There were a couple of these moments of calm amid its restlessness, and they resonated powerfully. Nice review. However, I would like to point out that the actresses are “transgender”.

    • Nathanael Hood

      Ah. Thank you for the correction, Erica. I changed it!

  • This was an absolutely average movie. I really don’t understand why it was so critically acclaimed. The writing was awful, acting sub par and the directing OK. Granted it looked nice but it wasn’t funny at all, and the language was just unbearable.

  • Aura

    Absolutely agree with your review. Characters were raw and vulnerable, without being stereotypical or caricaturish. I’m not sure if the actresses’ performances were Oscar-worthy, but they were definitely worthy of much praise.