TIFF Review: ARQ

  • Andrew Daffern

    I loved it but then again i’m a bit of a sci-fi geek and I have a soft spot for dystopia. I love the model that this film follows of simply being a snapshot in a huge and catastrophic series of events without ever showing you the events or background themselves.
    The acting was very good (although as the review says the characters are fairly shallow).
    My favourite thing abuot this film is that it gives you plenty to think about and analyse. There’s alot of suggestion hidden away in the script that stands up to deeper interrogation well. (The idea that the main character is repeatedly told he’s never going to change is interesting given the events in the second half of the film).
    I would give it 7.5/10. Its obviously aimed at a certain audience (ie me and folk like me) and it hits that target pretty well. Its mass appeal is more limited though and as an action movie it doesn’t have the character depth or development of similar action type flicks.