TV Review: Daredevil (1X01) “Into the Ring”

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  • Pete B.

    This is a great review of the Daredevil series. It must be great, because I completely agree, har har. I think that you mean “palette” in reference to the color scheme of the filming.

    I was surprised at how good the show is. I try a whole lot of things streaming from Netflix, and most superhero adventure shows or fantasy shows just do not nearly rival this show. The dialogue, characters, and stories just don’t work for me,
    and don’t keep my interest at all.

    It’s pretty rare that I find something new from any genre that I want to keep watching. I don’t know what I’ll do to replace Justified, for instance. I loved that series.

  • YaroMan

    “What a nice potential tie into the future Avengers films, hmm?”

    Well… sort of. If memory serves the line was actually a reference to the FIRST Avengers film. A later episode in the season did seem to foreshadow Age of Ultron a tiny bit, and in a way the “heroes and consequences” line does have a bit of a meaningful echo on the events of movies like Winter Soldier and Age of Ultron, the events of which were largely the result of superheroes or organizations closely tied to them doing things in this universe. Civil War is probably going to be a really BIG instance of responses to what the superheroes do.

    In real life Hell’s Kitchen isn’t as crime ridden as it was when Daredevil debuted as a comic, but is currently a pretty upscale neighborhood. They used the Battle of New York to explain that with all the damage from the chaos that happened in the climax of the movie allowed people like Fisk to move in and root themselves and take advantage of a New York still largely recovering from an alien invasion.

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