TV Review: Reign 3×01 “Three Queens, Two Tigers”

  • Zoe Emiko

    Of all that was said about this first episode of season 3 the part about Bash and paganism I agree with the most. It had already gotten old last season. He started out a decent sort of character and now has become the crazy obsessed with the underworld brother. The Bash character has become a complete bore.

  • One thing that really bums me out is knowing the real history. I really like the character of Francis in this show, but I know he didn’t make it in real life and was dead by 16 :(

    I really did like the scene where Francis apologizes to Mary for not telling her about his illness sooner, and I also really liked the song they used (“The Highest Tide” by The Wealthy West and Valen). That scene almost made me cry thinking about it.