TV Review: The Flash (1×23) Fast Enough

  • Rafael Rodrigues Francisco

    Just my two cents… (and that’s why time travels always complicate everything)

    If Eddie killed himself, Eobard never existed, so Nora was never killed by him, no!?

    But in this case we should return to the original reality where Eddie didn’t killed himself and Eobard existed. So Eddie’s suicide should have put the world in a eternal loop, no!?

    • Miguel Monroy


    • André Martins

      Eddie died on the same timeline as Nora. everything AFTER will disrupt.

      • Rafael Rodrigues Francisco

        Including Eobard existence…

        Heck, people shouldn’t even remember and think… Why the hell this guy suicided?

        • manofsteelisonfire

          Do you think the black hole began when Eddie shot himself to revert everything back to what it is supposed to be if Eobard Thawne didn’t time travel? That might be partial theory, but I am just spit balling.