TYF’s Best YA adaptations of the last ten years

  • Declan

    Harry Potter is grittier and realer in ways The Hunger Games isn’t, and it’s just as dark if not more, considering it’s real historical ties, and it’s much deeper than THG. Your assessment of the Harry Potter franchise is…not really that solid.

    Yea, Harry Potter had some whimsical elements, but it didn’t define the series. The whole narrative of the series revolved around losing innocence and coming to terms with death, and the violence and the conflict is more personal and much more intricate in Harry Potter than it is in The Hunger Games.

    The Hunger Games is an extremely vanilla, kiddie Dystopian. It doesn’t compare.

    • Allyson Johnson

      In all fairness, Harry Potter was still our number one in our sites poll : ) What’s great about it is that everyone takes something different from it!

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