‘Doom Patrol’ 3×9 review: ‘Evil Patrol’ Leaves Something to be Desired

Doom Patrol’s ninth episode, ‘Evil Patrol,’ takes on the task of the emotional aftermath of last week’s episode. Rather than denying what they have been hiding about themselves, the team chooses to embrace the parts of themselves that they have…

‘Doom Patrol’ 3×06 review: “1917 Patrol” takes us back in time to learn more about Laura de Mille

“1917 Patrol” starts to piece together the plot for the third season of Doom Patrol, when its profound moments are configured in a very fun way it hasn’t explored before.  From where the last episode left off, Rita Farr (April…

‘Doom Patrol’ 3×05 review: “Dada Patrol” raises questions of identity

‘Doom Patrol’ explores issues of identity when our characters enter a mysterious fog in Episode 3, “Dada Patrol.”

‘Doom Patrol’ 3×04 review: ‘Undead Patrol’ explores the grieving process by embracing the ridiculous

Doom Patrol’s ‘Undead Patrol’ is by far the most fun episode of the season and the show. The discussion of grief with the fun of zombie gore makes it an enjoyable ride. The episode builds on the character of Madame…

‘Doom Patrol’ 3×01-03 review: The Doom Patrol confronts their inner turmoils

The first three episodes of ‘Doom Patrol’ season three shed light on what the season might unpack for the discussion on not only self-discovery but self-love.

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