Nine artists ready to make an impact in 2022

It may be asked how, from so many artists. It is possible to isolate a handful of bands and/or artistes and identify them as The Next Big Thing. The author, while conceding to a certain amount of arbitrariness, can in…

Music Video Premiere: ET Boys Introduce “Long Night”

South Florida’s nu-pop/melodic rap duo the ET Boys, aka Tacboy and Sharkeyes, unveil their brand-new single/music video, “Long Night.” Speaking to the video, director Domonick Giorgianni shares, “‘After hearing ‘Long Night,’ I felt inspired by being young and having sleepless…

Lyric Video Premiere: ET Boys – “Something Love”

Burnished to a lustrous sheen yet potent, delicate yet rich with glossy hues, “Something Love” gleams with alluring sonic sensations.

Elder Statesman: From Black Reuss to “Vide Cor Meum”

Let us gird up our loins and talk about some new music.

Interview: Talking with Tacboy about new music video – “Sober”

The Young Folks caught up with Tacboy to ply him with questions about “Sober’s” inspiration, how he got into music, and what’s next for the ET Boys.

Elder Statesman: Hot New Tracks to Check Out

Wow! Beaucoup sexy, electrifying music to tempt your musical addiction with this week. Some of the songs presented below were sent to me by publicists or labels, which means in one sense, they’ve been evaluated as worthwhile. Some of them…