Getting to the bottom of *NSYNC’s break-up 

The past two years saw no shortage of reclamation works about the recent past. Most have focused on the women celebrities maligned in the ‘90s, like the New York Times’ documentaries Framing Britney Spears and Malfunction: The Dressing Down of Janet Jackson, FX’s Impeachment focused on…

From the Record Crate: One Direction – “Up All Night” (2011)

I listen to Up All Night, and I’m transported right back to 2011. The band members have, over the years, diverged into different directions, but their early albums immortalize One Direction. Up All Night is a time capsule that turns…

From the Record Crate: Avril Lavigne – “Let Go” (2002)

We take a look back at Avril Lavigne debut album ‘Let Go,’ which mixed relatable teen subject matter with authentic feelings and songwriting

Celebrating 30 years with Green Day

In celebration of Green Day’s 30-year anniversary, join us as we count down the 30 best songs that Green Day have ever released.

Elder Statesman: Tommy Bolin and Other Good New Music

A few years ago, I began collecting material for a possible biography of guitarist Tommy Bolin, who died in December 1976 at the age of 25. Supposedly from an overdose of heroin, along with cocaine, barbiturates, and alcohol, his death…

TYF Music Crash Course: What Is and Isn’t Emo?

How do you define emo, and what does that genre label even mean?

You Should Listen to Your Next Favorite K-pop Group: Lucy

In our latest music column ‘You Should Be Listening To’ we highlight under-the-radar artists who deserve the spotlight. First up is K-Pop group Lucy.