Joker’s Hand Interview: “I want us to push this band as far as we can go.“

Kevin Kawano and Matt Lau first met as roommates attending UC Santa Cruz. A few years later, the band Joker’s Hand was born, a band with a strong concept of melodic rock ‘n’ roll and lyrical storytelling. They began putting together their first EP while gigging across the L.A. club circuit, and eventually attracted the attention of producers Steve Ornest and Wyn Davis at Total Access Recording Studios.

Music video premiere: Pollux King asks if anyone cares on “Anybody”

Pollux King has it going on! “Anybody” exudes the residual energy of sorrow, while asking the question: “Is anybody out there? Does anybody care?”

Oakrest Interview: ‘I knew from the first time I stepped on a stage, this is what I want to do for the rest of my life’

‘From that day when I hit my head really hard and had a reopening to what life actually means to me, that’s when I decided that music would actually happen. We’re gonna put out our first full-length next summer, hopefully, have this next single out soon with the music video, and Canada’s slowly re-opening, hopefully, we can get some tours, shows, weekend runs, anything that can get us back to doing what we love.’

Ethan Gold Interview: ‘I want to heal people’s relationships with themselves so that they treat everybody and the planet better.’

‘These decisions, it’s just a feeling. I’ll get a feeling that something will express what that song wants in different ways. That’s part of the beauty of a form like music. The lyrics say one thing but the music can say another.’

Yoke Lore Interview: ‘A lot of music is to come’

“My main goal, I think, is to just do this for the rest of my life. My main goal is to have this be my main goal.”

Superbloom interview: “We’re giving our spin to something familiar”

The Brooklyn-based rock band Superbloom, comprised of members Dave Hoon, Matteo Dix, Tim Choate and Brian DiMeglio, has been gearing up for the June 1 release of Pollen, the band’s debut album.

Interview: Joseph El De La Urba – Puerto Rico’s Rising Star

While not yet at the level of Puerto Rican chart toppers like Daddy Yankee or Ozuna. Up and comer Joseph El De La Urba is taking his first step in reaching those heights. We at the Young Folks had the…