Ian Krietzberg
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Ian is a passionate writer, serving as the managing editor for his college newspaper, The Signal, and a reporter for Patch.com in addition to his work here, with TYF. More specifically, he is a passionate interviewer and is constantly seeking out in-depth conversations with career musicians and songwriters, having notably spoken with Set It Off and Five For Fighting. He is also an avid reader and ceaseless consumer of a wide variety of TV shows, films, and, of course, tons of music (especially early 2000s rock).

= Review: Ed Sheeran’s Latest Record is Just Shy of Greatness

The moment and the intention of “Sandman” are more beautiful than the song, which is largely the case with the record. Though it is a good album, the intention behind it is better than the album itself.

‘Music of The Spheres’ Review: A Predictable Disappointment

Largely, ‘Music Of The Spheres’ by Coldplay is pretty disappointing, though not entirely surprising. The collabs feel forced, and the record feels inconsistent.

‘Mercury – Act 1’ Review: Imagine Dragons’ Strongest Album Since ‘Night Visions’

‘Mercury Act-1’ is a real work of art. It is powerful and poignant, explosive and intense and dramatic.

Ratinoff Interview: On Songwriting and Upcoming Record ‘Let It Out’

Jay Ratinoff talks songwriting and his upcoming record ‘Let It Out.’

‘Human’ Review: OneRepublic Comes Home on Latest Record

Human is a good album. It is cohesive and represents an interesting concept—a return to roots while still being musically progressive. Coming home while still moving on. And it is a concept that is executed quite well.

Album review: Bleachers – ‘Take The Sadness Out of Saturday Night’

‘Take The Sadness Out Of Saturday Night,’ the third record from the Bleachers, is resoundingly worthy of its Bruce Springsteen feature.

‘Pressure Machine’ review: New album is the Killers at their best

‘Pressure Machine’ features the tightest writing of any Killers record, the strongest narrative connective tissue, and Flowers at his most vulnerable, and therefore, at his most impactful.