“RENAISSANCE” review: Beyoncé celebrates disco on her most consistently exciting album

We’ve come a long way from the “Disco Sucks” movement of the 1970s. Back then that reactionary position was pretty commonplace, amongst white music consumers anyway. Now we can easily see the ugliness of the phrase’s implications: it implies straight-up…

‘Twelve Carat Toothache’ review: Post Malone punches below his musical weight

There is an evident progression to Post Malone’s music over the last half decade. From the slow shedding of the hip-hop influence that defined his artistry early on, to the continuous growth of his inner voice appearing more frequently in…

‘Lately I Feel Everything’ review: WILLOW’s fourth solo album plays to overdone pop-punk sounds

Despite some intriguing genre-meshing, Willow’s ‘Lately I Feel Everything’ fails to establish its punk aesthetics or memorably pop hits.

Album review: Lorde – ‘Solar Power’

Lorde’s long-awaited third album, ‘Solar Power,’ is enervating and disposable, with few songs to match any of their past hits.

‘Happier Than Ever’ review: Billie Eilish’s second album is autobiographical and enigmatic

The second album from growing star Billie Eilish, ‘Happier Than Ever,’ is both autobiographical and enigmatic.

Interview: Jamie Lee Harrison

The Young Folks caught up with Jamie Lee Harrison to ply him with questions about how “Better With You” came together, his songwriting process, and what he’s listening to these days.

‘Better Mistakes’ album review: Bebe Rexha’s rollercoaster ride that ends too soon

Bebe Rexha’s Better Mistakes is her second full studio album and lives up to the anticipation and hype she has cultivated over the past few years. It’s a crowning moment for the “I’m Gonna Show You Crazy” singer as a…