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‘Orphan Black’ Teases Final Season With Spoilers

Set your alarm reminders, Clone Club. We’re only one day away from experiencing Orphan Black’s “Final Trip”. Let’s just say, we’re pumped! And BBC America is celebrating this journey too…with spoilers?!

Revealed today in a 60-second video on YouTube and their social channels, both the network and show teased some never-before-seen shocking and spoiler-filled moments. This hyper-lapsed video delivers a quick dose of the final season in under a minute. For those eager to see anything from the fifth season – you need to watch it.

As we previously theorized and wishlisted with Clone Club, there were plenty of questions left hanging for what Orphan Black would do in its final season. The video teased some big moments and questions, like:

  • Is Alison admitting the existence of the clones on stage?
  • Has Sarah been captured by Rachel?
  • Does this mean Susan Duncan survived her wounds?
  • Did Krystal become a YouTube vlogger?
  • Will Helena give birth to the babies safely?

Several fans have started to pick apart the video for screencaps and clues toward what might happen. I like a bit of surprise, so I’ll hold off on slowing down the video. (But I may be having MANY theory chats and discussions with friends because of this.)

Orphan Black’s new season will premiere on Saturday, June 10 at 10/9c on BBC America (and Space Channel in Canada).

What do you think will happen in Orphan Black’s final season? Share your thoughts below!