Queens Landing Episode 16: Game of Thrones 7×6 “Beyond the Wall”


Welcome back to Queens Landing, an all-girls GAME OF THRONES after show by Hosts Melissa Berne and I live stream our Game of Thrones discussions straight to TYF’s YouTube every Sunday night during the new season.

Tonight, we are joined by TYF staff writer Katey Stoetzel to talk about the sixth episode of season 7, titled “Beyond the Wall.”  If you caught us last week, you know we were rightfully dreading this episode. It’s practically tradition that the second to last episode of Game of Thrones is always a game changer. This season, it was no different with the Daenarys trip to the North to help Jon Snow and his team. It was a moment we all have been waiting for since season 1, and it delivered on spectacle. Coming off from the crazy big twist in the episodes’s final scene, we hash out our thoughts on the big and small events, as well as our theories on what could be awaiting us in next week’s season finale.

Watch our conversation on the new episode at the top of the post and please feel free to share your thoughts on “Beyond the Wall” and more.

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