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Orphan Black to release TV series’s first mobile game

“Come play with us.” Those are the haunting words from BBC America’s (and Bell Media’s) Orphan Black announcing their first-ever mobile game based on the cult favorite TV series. The game, which has yet to receive an official launch date, has been touted to be playable on both iOS and Android.

Rumors have circulated in the past within Clone Club (the fans of the hit show) that a potential video game might’ve been in the works. On Tuesday, March 7, the TV show’s official social channels teased a “special announcement” was coming and 24-hours later, a teaser trailer for the mobile game, and a website to sign up for the mobile game’s beta, have been released. The announcement was also made with an email sent to select fans from Cosima Niehaus (one of the fan-favorite clones from the show) and a video featuring Orphan Black cast members.

Orphan Black (the TV series) is the story of Sarah Manning, a rebellious British punk, who discovers that she is one of many identical clones being observed/hunted by a mysterious organization. The show follows Sarah, along with the lives of the other clones and those closest to them, as they work together to uncover the mystery and hopefully survive. Orphan Black’s Tatiana Maslany (who plays every LEDA clone in the show) infamously won the Emmy for Best Actress in a TV Drama at the 2017 Emmys. The show is entering its fifth and final season on June 10, 2017.

Based on the first few looks from the teaser, the mobile game covers iconic scenes from the TV series. Moments like Sarah seeing Beth at the train station, Mika in the woods, and Sarah finding Helena in her “angel” scene are just some of the visuals included in the teaser. The game could also incorporate a puzzle and path mechanic to its gameplay. Quick visuals show the main character located on a set lined path to reach a specific destination that is blocked by doors, enemies and pressure plates.

The beta for Orphan Black: The Game is now open for signups. Only the first 900 people who sign up will be considered for the beta. (I’ve already filled out my form!) Check out the video above for a full look at the mobile game’s teaser.

What do you hope to see in Orphan Black: The Game? Share your thoughts in the comments below.