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Past Big Brother players join the cast of ‘Big Brother Canada 5’

It’s a battle of the bold personalities for the upcoming season of Big Brother Canada! And some of these players are ones fans know all too well. The newbies need to prepare themselves: the Big Brother Canada veterans are coming back.

Days before Big Brother Canada 5 opens its door for another season, the show revealed the crop of 16 houseguests who will compete for the grand prize. A professional boxer, a musician, and a “professional pizza maker” are just some of the quirky houseguests that will be entering the house. But it’s the other batch of eight players that will throw a wrench into their games. Select past houseguests from the first four seasons of Big Brother Canada make up the remaining group.

The 16 houseguests include:


Name: Dre Gwenaelle
Age: 25
City: Montreal, QC
Job: Masters Student

Name: Mark Chrysler
Age: 24
City: Edmonton, AB
Job: Bartender

Name: William Laprise Desbiens
Age: 23
City: Trois-Rivieres, QC
Job: Marketing Student & Blogger

Name: Emily Hawkin
Age: 23
City: Toronto, ON
Job: Musician & Server


Name: Demetres Giannitsos
Age: 25
City: Edson, AB
Job: Oil Field Instrument Technician

Name: Karen Singbeil
Age: 53
City: Victoria, BC
Job: Real Estate Broker

Name: Dillon Carman
Age: 30
City: Madoc, ON
Job: Professional Boxer

Name: Jackie McCurrach
Age: 22
City: Port Coquitlam, BC
Job: Professional Pizza Maker



Name: Gary Levy
Age: 25
City: Toronto, ON
Job: Artist
Known For: He infamously lost the first season of Big Brother Canada after Topaz placed the wrong winning vote in the jury’s box.

Name: Neda Kalantar
Age: 25
City: Vancouver, BC
Job: Entrepreneur
Known For: She was a strategic mastermind in Big Brother Canada 2. She lost at Final 3 after Jon – her alliance partner – voted her out.

Name: Ika Wong
Age: 32
City: Thornhill, ON
Job: Financial Services Manager
Known For: During Big Brother Canada 2, she chose to destroy everyone’s letters from home to win a cash prize. Unbeknownst to her, the others were secretly watching her shred the letters.


Name: Kevin Martin
Age: 24
City: Calgary, AB
Job: Professional Poker Player
Known For: He had a strong strategic game on Big Brother Canada 3. However, he was forcibly eliminated during the first ever triple eviction.

Name: Bruno Ielo
Age: 33
City: Ottawa, ON
Job: Construction Worker
Known For: During Big Brother Canada 3, he was blindsided and sent out the door during the coup d’état twist.

Name: Sindy Nguyen
Age: 27
City: Toronto, ON
Job: Beauty Queen
Known For: As a competition threat, Sindy won her place back into the game after being evicted early on in Big Brother Canada 3. She later backstabbed her “almost” showmance upon her return.

Name: Dallas Cormier
Age: 25
City: Saint John, NB
Job: Lobster Fisherman & Welder
Known For: Dallas created powerful alliances that controlled the early rounds of Big Brother Canada 4. However, after refusing to take part in Tim’s “Big Brother Australia” nomination twist, the house turned against him.

Name: Cassandra Shahinfar
Age: 23
City: Winnipeg, MB
Job: Marketing Manager
Known For: Cassandra was a cunning and manipulative mastermind on Big Brother Canada 4. She played a low key game before taking the reins and being quite cutthroat.

There is no word yet on the official twist for Big Brother Canada 5. However, the top rumors seem to be about a “Fans vs. Favorites” twist or the houseguests teaming up into pairs to play the game – similar to what was done on Big Brother 13 in the U.S. With regards to the house style of the season, the teaser video is set in a spaceship. My money is on an outer space theme for the season.

Big Brother Canada 5 will premiere on Wednesday, March 15th at 9 p.m. EST on Global.

Who do you think will win Big Brother Canada 5? Share your thoughts and predictions below!