TV Review: The Flash (2×13) “Welcome to Earth-2”

  • Alexandra Morillo

    I can’t stop thinking about that tapping at the end by the guy with the iron mask. I think it was morse code.

  • Serp

    I think Zoom is Wally West of Earth-2. Seems like Joe’s wife also left them. After all, Zoom is played by Tony Todd. We have also seen that the “doppelgangers” have some similarities (Cisco Earth-2 said “we are all connected”), and Wally West of Earth-1 likes speed (car racing)……

    The man in the Iron mask at the end….. I’m guessing it’s Harrison Wells (captured after he had the discussion with Barry and Cisco. Even though it seems he looks kind of worn out, so I´m probably wrong. I also think it’s Morse code.