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Dan Schindel loves movies more than you do. He considers it an accomplishment to have survived a year and counting in Los Angeles. Someday, he'll be the greatest critic in the world. He spent a year watching a documentary every day, so now he knows everything.

Book Review: ‘Adventure Time: The Original Cartoon Title Cards’

The first collection of original concept art for the massively popular cartoon is here, and we have a review.

TV Review: Adventure Time 6×16, ‘Joshua & Margaret Investigations’

Adventure Time goes Thin Man in this flashback episode that explores Jake’s birth.

TV Review: Adventure Time 6×15, “Nemesis”

The spotlight turns on Peppermint Butler, as he reveals the depths of his dark connections.

TV Review: Adventure Time 6×11, “Little Brother”

On the latest episode, Shelby’s butt goes on an epic quest.

The 2014 Emmys – If Dan Picked the Nominees (UPDATED)

What would the Emmy nominations look like if they were fair? Let’s take a look!

Los Angeles Film Festival Review: ‘Love is Strange’

Ben and George have been together for nearly forty years, but it’s only thanks to New York’s recent Marriage Equality Act that they are able to get married. But the legal protection of their union doesn’t shield the pair from discrimination…

Dan’s Movie Review: ‘Borgman’

“And they descended upon the earth to strengthen their ranks.” With this ominous, quasi-Biblical quote does Borgman begin. That’s the best explanation we get for the terrifyingly enigmatic actions of its eponymous lead character and his followers. After those words fade, we…