Ian Krietzberg
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Ian is a passionate writer, serving as the managing editor for his college newspaper, The Signal, and a reporter for Patch.com in addition to his work here, with TYF. More specifically, he is a passionate interviewer and is constantly seeking out in-depth conversations with career musicians and songwriters, having notably spoken with Set It Off and Five For Fighting. He is also an avid reader and ceaseless consumer of a wide variety of TV shows, films, and, of course, tons of music (especially early 2000s rock).

Ethan Gold Interview: ‘I want to heal people’s relationships with themselves so that they treat everybody and the planet better.’

‘These decisions, it’s just a feeling. I’ll get a feeling that something will express what that song wants in different ways. That’s part of the beauty of a form like music. The lyrics say one thing but the music can say another.’

Yoke Lore Interview: ‘A lot of music is to come’

“My main goal, I think, is to just do this for the rest of my life. My main goal is to have this be my main goal.”

Superbloom interview: “We’re giving our spin to something familiar”

The Brooklyn-based rock band Superbloom, comprised of members Dave Hoon, Matteo Dix, Tim Choate and Brian DiMeglio, has been gearing up for the June 1 release of Pollen, the band’s debut album.

From the Record Crate: Matchbox Twenty – ‘Mad Season’ (2000)

From the mild success of Tabitha’s Secret, which formed in 1990 and was dissolved by ‘95, Rob Thomas has gone on to become a prolific, critically-recognized singer and songwriter, both with the enormous success of his band, Matchbox Twenty, and…