Jose Cordova
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Jose is a 23 year old film fan and pop-culture junkie from Northern California. He majored in Mechanical Engineering and probably spent more time watching movies, tv, and video games in his free time than he should have during college. He hopes to justify all that "wasted" time by writing about pop-culture and claiming it was all "research." Jose hopes to one day have a job at Disney Imagineering and combine his two passions. Follow him on Twitter @josecordova.

Fall Network TV Preview

The CW The Flash (Tuesday, Oct. 4 at 8/7c)  The last time we saw Barry Allen (Grant Gustin), he had gone back in time to save his mother, thus creating “Flashpoint.” Season three’s first episode and s…

Movie Review: Morgan

Morgan is director Luke Scott’s debut feature, and it certainly feels like it. The film’s first twenty minutes provide an intriguing set up: Kate Mara’s corporate fixer Lee Weathers is dispatched to a…