Tyler Carlsen
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Tyler considers himself to be a true lover of movies and the magic that goes into making them. He spends most of his free time watching and absorbing film and television. From a very young age, film was an escape and an adventure that Tyler could never get enough of. Throughout his high school years he had the honor of working on an award winning independent short film, hosting a film reviewing segment on a public access station, working at two movie theaters, and attending a film festival as a young journalist for his cousin’s local paper. He is the one person that would never turn down going to a theater or staying home and watching a movie and talking about it immediately after. Tyler’s goal in life is to one day be one of the great writers and directors of the entertainment industry like his hero Steven Spielberg.

Movie Review: Fist Fight

          Walking out of the theater after seeing Fist Fight there were three little words floating in my head: Snitches get stiches. The trailer for this comedy immediately got my attention mainly ba…

Top 10 Keanu Reeves Films

Keanu Reeves is one of the few actors in Hollywood today that follows his own path. His latest film John Wick: Chapter 2 hits theaters this weekend and is the perfect example what kind of actor that K…