Tyler Stevens
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Tyler is 14 years old and lives in Southern California. His passion has always been for film. He’s been reviewing movies for over a year-and-a-half now under the title “Movie Kid Reviews” on his Facebook and is thrilled to now be part of The Young Folks team. Whenever he’s not doing schoolwork, Tyler is probably at the movies, reviewing one he just saw, or cooking up a new screenplay that he’ll direct with friends for short film festivals. In 2012, Tyler and a friend of his made a short documentary, “Free Hurt: Bullying And The First Amendment” which went on to be an Official Contender at the C-Span StudentCam 2012 Film Festival. Tyler’s idols include Christopher Nolan, Steven Spielberg, David Fincher, and more recently he’s taken a liking to the works of Paul Thomas Anderson. His favorite films include “Pulp Fiction”, “Back To The Future”, and “Good Will Hunting”. His hobbies include acting, screenwriting, directing, debating, and mock trial. His goal in life is to be a writer-director. You can contact him at tyler@theyoungfolks.com.