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First trailer for “Darkest Hour” starring Gary Oldman

I hear Oscar bells for Gary Oldman! We’ve seen him as pretty much everyone in the last 25 years: Sid Vicious, Dracula, Egor Korshunov, Mr. Zorg, Sirius Black, James Gordon, the list goes on. Is there anything Mr. Oldman can’t do? We are about to find out.

Just a few days ago, Focus Features released the first official trailer for Darkest Hour, the new biopic drama in which Oldman literally transforms into Winston Churchill, the most played Prime Minister of England in film history.

Directed by Joe Wright (Pride & Prejudice, Atonement, Hannah), the film narrates and explores one of the most turbulent moments in Winston Churchill’s career: convince the King and an entire country to combat the emerging threat of Nazi Germany in World War II. This film would be the second biopic about Winston Churchill this year: Churchill, starring Brian Cox was released last month.

Fact: This role for Oldman is big, and I dare say that it could also be one of his best performances. Oscar season is just around the corner and believe it or not, Gary Oldman has only been nominated once. Looks like that might be changing soon.

Darkest Hour, set to open in limited release on November 22, also stars Kristin Scott Thomas, Lily James, Stephen Dillane, Ronald Pickup, and Ben Mendelsohn. Watch the trailer above and let us now what you think in the comments!