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Watch the first official trailer for Avengers: Infinity War

We’ve been slowly building up to the culmination of Stage 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe for a quite a while now, amounting in what must be a startling amount of pressure for all of the creative talent on board to make Avengers: Infinity War as epic as promised. Bringing together an unfathomable amount of characters, all of whom have had their own storylines and motives to lead them to these events, the Russo brothers have an unenviable position in making sure that together, these characters soar while also keeping together what must be a headache of a production and storyline. Peter Parker being involved in these events against Thanos is going to be a much different narrative than Nebula and Gamora, who each harbor their own grudge against the celestial being who formed their torturous childhood. Watching Doctor Strange duke it out with a being that can bring moons crashing down is different than watching Tony Stark in battle, with arguably less than enough power behind him. It makes for what sounds for a stressful cinematic event, despite the levity that comes with superhero films, and yet it’s hard not to be excited.

Say what you will about how Marvel set up some of Hollywood’s lesser tendencies by making everything a “multiverse” but to this day no studio does it better and seeing all of these character who we’ve grown to love come together for such a monumental battle will be something to behold. Take a look at our first peak at the film and let us know just how excited you are in the comments below.

Avengers: Infinity War will be released May 4, 2018, ten years after the release of Iron Man.

Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.), Thor (Chris Hemsworth), the Hulk (Mark Ruffalo) and the rest of the Avengers face their most powerful enemy yet, the evil Thanos (Josh Brolin).