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First Trailer For Under The Silver Lake Released

Hey you! Have you ever wanted to see The Number 23 remade by David Lynch? No? Too bad, you’re getting it.

The first trailer for Under the Silver Lake was released on Wednesday courtesy of indie film darlings A24. This will be the third feature from writer/director David Robert Mitchell and his first since his atmospheric horror hit It Follows creeped into theaters in 2015. While It Follows featured mostly unknown youngsters playing teens in a pseudo-allegory for teen sex, Under the Silver Lake could get a little more traction with stars Andrew Garfield (The Social NetworkThe Amazing Spider-Man), Riley Keough (Mad Max: Fury RoadIt Comes at Night) and Topher Grace (That 70’s ShowSpider-Man 3). The movie follows Sam (Garfield) who has a chance encounter one night with his beautiful, skinny-dipping neighbor Sarah (Keough). When she ends up missing the next morning, Sam tries to find out why and goes on a seemingly wacky journey to find answers.

Since Film Twitter will probably end up comparing this with Mitchell’s previous work, let’s get those comparisons to It Follows right out of the way. Yes, Under the Silver Lake also features styles that harken back to the 80s (playing NES, neon-colored clothes, Violent Femmes’ “Add It Up”) along with an ambiguous plot that focuses on a disappearance. Though the mystery and progression of Under the Silver Lake seems much more like a comedy than a thriller, like The Big Lebowksi for millennial hipsters (or basically Inherent Vice but more 80s than 70s). The bigger-name cast and fancier set pieces also imply that Mitchell got a bigger budget for Silver Lake, allowing him to play with color palettes and brighter lighting. He’s also got a much more experienced cast, with Garfield looking like he’s having a grand ol’ time running around in Risky Business sunglasses and five o’clock shadow.

Under the Silver Lake hits theaters June 22. What do you think of this new cooky mystery? Let us know in the comments below and stay with The Young Folks for the latest movie news and trailers.