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Hide your kids, hide your young: The Curse of La Llorona is loose in 2nd trailer

“Have they felt the sting of her tears?”

When you see somebody crying, go ahead and ask them if they’re OK, doesn’t matter if it turns out to be a social experiment. When La Llorona does that, however, keep on power-walking. And if you already have kids, dash.

“The Curse of La Llorona” — La Llorona being Weeping Woman — is set in Los Angeles in the ‘70s and follows a Los Angeles-based social worker (Linda Cardellini) on a collision course with fear in the form of a ghost who kidnaps children. “The Conjuring”’s James Wan and Gary Dauberman are producers of this yarn inspired by the Latin America-based folklore.

Also seen in the trailer is Father Perez (Tony Amendola), last seen flying off his church’s front steps in “Annabelle.” La Llorona’s connection to “The Conjuring” universe confirmed!

Perhaps the production’s most noteworthy feature is Michael Chaves, the film’s director, who reportedly impressed Wan and New Line enough that he will helm “The Conjuring 3.” That “it” factor doesn’t show up in the trailer — it’s overtly formulaic in structure, from the indirect-at-first encounter with horror to the courting of faith — but glimpses of the “Evil Dead”/Raimi-laced camerawork from Michael Burgess is quite gripping.

“The Curse of La Llorona” is rated R. Her cry will be heard in theaters on April 19. For more on the film and an eventual review, stay with The Young Folks.

Bonus: Below is the short, also horror, that guided Chaves to Wan and this project, which is his debut feature.