Ally’s Movie Review: “Jurassic World”

  • sabretruthtiger

    “Moments where the girl rescues the guy” Can be cool if done with real love behind it but in general the guy should always rescue the girl, it’s just the recognition by our unchangeable primal brain of our biological natures. This is why the constant barrage of liberal new world order propaganda whereby women are the action stars and kick the ass of all the men is unbelievable and doesn’t ring true, it breaks our immersion.

    Also there’s a trend in hollywood and television to make the lead scientist a woman. In reality the top scientists are almost always men and this goes for the top minds as well. This is also biology:
    The IQ distributions in all major IQ tests are markedly different between men and women, on average men and women are roughly equal but women’s IQs are more grouped around the middle whereas men’s are more spread across the spectrum, meaning there are more stupid men than women but a lot more highly intelligent men than women.
    This is because the bigger the difference between men the easier it is for women to select the smartest mates and the best selected from an evenly spread group is going to be much more intelligent than the best selected from an average group thus humanity’s intellectual evolution advances more rapidly via natural selection.
    With greater variety amongst the males, natural selection has more to work with.
    I’m not claiming there aren’t good women scientists and that there’s something wrong with the role of claire, but the real world archetype of the male top scientist is in striking contrast to the Hollywood archetype that has formed of the female.