TV Review: ‘Outlander’ Season Finale – “To Ransom A Man’s Soul”

  • uffauffa

    “What was referenced in the book is played out onscreen, and it’s not
    something you can ever prepare for. In fact, I’m not even sure why it
    was necessary to show what Black Jack did to Jamie. I feel like Sam
    Heughan does have the skill to drive home the profundity of what
    happened to him with just words, not action.” thanks for saying this. I’ve reading a lot of praise about how brave the show was at depicting the rape and nobody questions if it was really necessary. It wasn’t and thanks for pointing it out.

    • Elizabeth R. Wolfe

      I believe it was necessary. I’ve seen lots of comments (places like this, Twitter, etc.) that say it all went to far. But what did you really SEE vs what did your mind put there? Several people have said “I get that Jack was evil and horrific – we didn’t need to see so much of it!” BUT – the physical abuse was the least of the issue – it was the emotional and mental abuse that was far worse – breaking Jamie’s spirit. That was the lingering, touching, gentle, slimy stuff. How can one truly grasp – not BJR’s evilness – but Jamie’s brokenness if you don’t fully comprehend what broke him?

      • uffauffa

        those rape and torture scenes took 20 mins. do you really needed all the details to understand what happened? 20 mins of rape? way less minutes would have sufficed. acutally it can be done without showing any at all. how? trusting your audience to be intelligent enough and trusting your lead actor to show it without lingering on rape-porn. It’s possible, it’s factible and there’s a movie out in the cinemas in this very moment that does it perfectly.

  • Judy

    The finale was very disappointing and disturbing.
    I’ve felt very unsettled since viewing it. The graphic unending details were
    very unnecessary. Well I suppose we haven’t reached the bottom yet as each
    series tries to out-shock the one before. Gratuitious violence – surely the
    writers have more finesse and intelligence!

    • Grace Danielson

      Without any spoilers, this was the most disturbing event of the books I’ve read (5 out of 8). There is still rape but nothing like what Jamie goes through in the first book. Outlander series is not for the faint of heart but the worst is in the beginning.

  • Karri Underwood

    His condition in the book was waaaaaaaaay worse than the show. He tells Claire everything, but some of it she saw in the book, like how he was beaten to a pulp. The PTSD was very pronounced in the book, and I feel like it was downplayed a bit on screen. As brutal as the episode is, male rape isn’t often talked about in mainstream and is just as brutal and dark as rape of women. I did like the fact that a candid talk got him out of his funk rather than an opium dosing and beating from Claire. I didn’t like the removal of Jamie’s healing from the end. Once he has his bearings and begins to heal they have a few very sweet moments in the end of the novel, during a drunken stumble on some stairs after using a hot spring is where she reveals her pregnancy. Not that there wasn’t any joy in the way it was revealed in the show, but it just felt heavy. I also wish there was more behind her revealing her story to the monk, as it doesn’t seem to make a lot of context in this episode, where in the book it does. Deviating isn’t a bad thing when writers make it work. This episode is an example of trying to fit too much in one hour.

  • Rita Forsyth

    couldn’t agree more the last two depressing sadistic episodes went too far, more than necessary for the serious viewers. Perhaps they demographically tested their market, I was so turned off by the inartful manner they presented the sadistic behavior, i began to doubt the sincerity of the series, is this just a soap opera of tabloid fodder. can’t answer at this point loved the history previous to these episodes fear they lost their way $$$$$$